1. 201
    every once in a while the universe will toss something your way that could potentially change things for the better in a big way, but you have to sense it coming, say yes, and reach out for it

  2. 200
    role models can be found in any size or shape

  3. 199
    I respect Kelly for how hard she works to improve her life

  4. 198
    everyone makes mistakes

  5. 197
    it’s all about balance

  6. 196
    how often does something actually happen how you imagined it would?

  7. 195
    I’m starting to think there’s no better feeling than pride in one’s work

  8. 194
    never, ever give up
    if you give up, fuck you

  9. 193
    even death can be a positive thing…¬†our lives are what we make them

  10. 192
    I’m entering a new phase in my life
    it’s just as wonderful and necessary as it is terrifying